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:: Department of Radiotherapy ::
The Charles Edward Vail Memorial Cancer institute is an Integral part of the Wanless Hospital Miraj. The Charles Edward Vail Cancer [CEVMC] was named to honor and to perpetuate the memory of Dr Charles Edward Vail . The institute had it's humble beginning when Dr. Vail came to Miraj to work along with Dr. Wanless our founder in 1910, he was overwhelmed to see so many cancer patients.

Dr.Vail was a gifted surgeon and soon began operating on cancer patients, and a separate wing was opened to to treat cancer patients Dr. Vail soon realized that surgery is not the only treatment for cancer, he brought radium needles from Germany , On 29th Nov 1930 a patient with cancer of the eye lid was successfully treated using Radium needle implants, Newer machines such as superficial and deep X-ray therapy machines were added to the department in the fifties.

The department has grown from its humble beginng to present it now, equipped with state of the art cobalt unit, Theratron Phoenix , capable of treating all kinds of solid tumors Often chemotherapy is given concurrently [together with] Radiotherapy Since treatment of cancer is multimodal, many joint clinics are held by Radiation oncology department with other units Head & Neck clinic on every Thursday Gynec Oncology clinic on every Tuesday , to name a few.

Staff of the Radiotherapy Department
Dr. D.P. Rebentisch - MD, DMRT, Chief Oncologist & HOD
Dr. Nagendra Rao - MD, Visiting Oncologist
Dr. Anand Guddur - Visiting Oncologist
Mr. Arthur Dillon - Medical Physist & RSO
Mr. S. A. Bhore - Radiation Therapy Technologist
Mr. P.S. Reddy - Radiation Therapy Technologist
Mrs. Asha Jadhav - Nurse (ANM)
Mr. Ram Jadhav - Ward Boy

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