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Routine Activities of the Department:-

Health activities and Health related activities covering with curative and preventive:

Weekly clinics are held in all centres all the days of week. In addition to the Urban Slum Clinic in 8-9 slum areas in a month. More emphasis is given on mother and Child Health, Family Planning, Immunization, Nutritional education Supplementary feeding of children attending Balwadies. Each clinic area time is also utilized for health awareness, prevention, social and environmental sanitation, topic coercing problems in that area and topics covering nation days of that month. Health Education, vocational training of women, social and economic development of the economically deprived children from urban slums and rural communities under CHILD Project, socioeconomic development of rural women through Women Empowerment forming mahila mandal and youth groups, which are registered, helping them to save and take
benefits. Helping the groups to save regularly and solve their own financial problems of family and children through the mahila savings, groups and youth saving groups. These groups meet every month 2nd week in presence and guidance under MSW and other staffs of Community Health Department are given health education, these groups are used as framework or network to conduct Health Camps, diagnostic Camps successfully and also they help in following the cases if there are referrals. Community Health taken active part in conducting in all state and National Govt. Health programme and help in their programmes taking training, conducting, reporting, evaluating etc. The staff Community Health Department actually taking part in National Programme in the Wanless Hospital and similarly helps in technical form in reporting, technical work in Family Planning work of the Obst. and Gyn. Dept., Wanless Hospital, Miraj.

With existing staff Community Health always ready to help other departments in their outreach programmes of the Wanless Hospital, Miraj.

Community Health concentrates more on prevention of diseases with so many activities which prevent communicable and non communicable diseases, epidemiology investigation, environmental sanitational advice is given to vector borne disease e.g. like Dengue fever, Malaria, etc.

Every week on Friday Obst . and Gyn. Clinic started at Bedag regularly and then patients high risk cases, patients who need hospitalization/surgery are referred to Wanless Hospital, Miraj.
Curative Activities
1) Clinics – Rural –Urban
2) Early Detection of non communicable diseases and cancer
3) Diet consultations

Preventive Actvities

1) Maternal and Child Health Clinics
2) Immunization
3) Family Planning
4) School Health
5) Nutrition Education & Suplements
6) Ward visits & follow up epidemiological investigation of infectious diseases
7) Home visits & demonstrations
8) Health Education
Environmental Activities
1) Pit Latrines
2) Soakage Pits
3) Smokeless Chullas & Bio – Gas
4) Compost – Pits
Social Development
1) Women Clubs
2) Women Self Help Groups
3) Sewing Classes
4) Home Industries (Small Scale)
5) Adult Literacy Classes
6) Balwadies
7) Youth Groups
Training & Education
1) Community Health Volunteers
2) Traditional Birth Attendents Dais
3) Balwadi Teachers
4) Student Nurses
5) Vocational Training
1) Tree Planting
2) General Medical Camps
3) Immunization Camps
4) Women’s Work Shops
5) Youth Club
6) Tube feed supplements to patients
7) Creche for Staff Children


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