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:: Engineering & Maintenance Department ::
The Engineering & Maintenance Department is very much useful and essential and important as a supportive services for patients care not directly but indirectly service of patients care and this department runs together with this hospital from the beginning till today.

1) Infrastructure :
This department infrastructure having office building, work shop with Engg. Stores, Power House, Boiler Room, Oxygen Room , etc.

2) Personnel :
At present there are 34 persons of various technical grade are working in this department is including In-charg-1, Sr. Office Assistant -1, Plumbers/fitters -2.Fitter o Medical gas – 1, Wireman of fixed duty – 6, wireman for fan rewinding-1, wireman (general ) 2, carpenter -2, mason -1, A.C.& R mechanical – 1, helper on fixed duty- 6 ( water duty, lift, office work), wireman helper – 1, boiler helper -1, A.C.& R helper – 1, helper medical gas – 1, helper masonary -1, helper general help – 5.

3) Services :
This Engineering & Maintenance Department offered vary much important & Essential services i.e. providing electrical, water supply, oxygen supply, A.C. Supply ,building maintenance, repairs and service of electrical and mechanical Equipment, boiler steam supply for C.S.S.D. & Laundry for sterilization purpose Etc.. Also lot of civil, electrical major and project job work to be done through Department considering improvement & saving factors in progress of our Institution. The request and suggestions for requirement of our department upgradation for Quality and better service for patients care.

1) Infra structure needs for future development :
a) As we needs to upgrade our Power House electrical panel board, which having Switchgears are very old and most of them are absolete. Spare availability is a Major boltleneck With proper upgradation in panel board and electrical system, future additional Load can be safely taken in to the system. The approx. cost of Rs. 20 lakh details Will be given in Annual Reports.
b) Considering electrical load & requirement for adding new equipment, A.C.s future Medical College project we needs to have bigger capacity Generator set i.e. 500 KVA or above which can cope-up all the electrical load including hospital and west campus (hostel, staff quarters and future project if any ) approx. cost Rs. 40 lakh to 45 lakh.
C) New steam boiler ( existing RX 06 boiler is 20 years old) approx. cost Rs. 9,00,000/-
d) Main hospital building terrace over-head water tanks - approx. cost Rs. 10 lakh to 15 lakh.
e) Proper shades for engineering – scrap material and bio-medical waste management.
2) Personnel :
a) As there were 70 to 80 various technical trades workers was in the department, but last 10 years after retirement of some workers only 10 to 15 % new workers has been appointed, now 32 workers are working in the department in the department. Hence needs to appoint new technical employment to proper and smooth running of department.
b) To improve workmanship needs to have some new and modern tools and equipment .
c) Some facilities like washroom, recreation, etc.
d) the department staff strength is very much inadequate, considering the leaves of 34 personnel, we required at least 10 new personnel ( workers) be appointed as wireman – 2, mason -1, plumber/fitter – 2, A.C.& R Technician – 2, boiler helper – 1, general helper – 2 . As we are having only 32 workers the “fixed duty” job can not be done efficiently., can not do “preventive maintenance” also the 32 workers are split in fixed duty and to attend breakdowns maintenance and project work. Hence activities cant be performed timely, there are 3 workers was retired last year. Various fixed duty as boiler, lift and power house, even though there are o electrical supervisor, A.C & R supervisor and boiler attendant, A.C& R technician but within this less manpower we are running boiler, lift with help of helpers only. Hence technical qualified workers to be appointed on priority basis at least I.T.I. holder to improve quality work and efficiency.
Still I need your valuable guidance/co-operation and help for improvement and Developments of department for this service.

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