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The E.N.T Department was established in early 60's with Dr.Charles Emerick as its founder and first head of the dept. The department was highly specialized with all the latest equipements in those days, generations of successful ENT Surgeons both practicing in Miraj &abroad have obtained their training in Wanless Hospital, Miraj Medical Centre. At present, the dept. is recognized for teaching the cps students.

Outpatients: The outpatient days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, however on operative days also the OPD facilities are available from 3.00 p.m onwards. The annual indoor patient load for last 3 years was approximately 1200 patients, as many of the ENT procedures are on the opd basis most of the patients are treated on the day care basis, so the indoor statistics is on the lower side. Daily OPD on an average is around 35-40 patients. Most of the patients coming to the ENT OPD are local's or from the surrounding villages and from the border areas of Karnataka & Maharashtra and from the Konkan region.

Various OPD procedures performed:

• Fibro-optic Bronchoscopies with bronchial lavage and brush biopsies.
• Flexible & Rigid Nasopharyngoscopies and Laryngoscopies.
• Pharyngeal, Nasal, Laryngeal biopsies.
• Direct Laryngoscopies rigid.
• Diagnostic Sinus Endoscopies.
• Vestibular Function Test.
• Tracheostomies.
• Antral Washouts.

Facilities for Pure Tone Audiometry Behavioral Audiometry, Hearing aid trials & Speech Therapy are available. Brain Stem evoked response testing & nerve-testing Facilities are available in collaboration with the Neurology Dept. Inpatients are admitted in separate block of 25 beds Facilities of private beds are also available. Most of the surgeries being performed are on day care basis. Very few patients require prolonged stay in the hospital.

Operative days are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Various procedures under local and general anesthesia are performed. On average 25-30, surgeries are performed per month.

Surgeries routinely performed include tonsillectomy, septoplasty, septorhinoplasty, mastoid surgery, sinus endoscopic surgery, maxillectomy, laryngectomy, radical neck dissection, and tracheal stenting & microlaryngeal surgeries. Microlaryngeal surgeries like stapedectomies, tympanoplasties and ossicular reconstruction are also done.

Many patients with neck abscesses are referred to the ENT dept. which is taken care of both surgically and medically. Ward consultations from other departments for tracheostomies and other ENT problems are regularly seen. Residents on call under supervision of one of the consultants handle ENT emergencies coming to casualty. Routinely seen ENT emergencies are Epistaxis, stridor, and foreign bodies in bronchus, neck abscess, cut throat injuries, laryngotracheal trauma, and post head injury bleeding from ear, nose and throat.

New equipements added to the department:

  • Sinus Endoscopes (0 and 45) with attached camera and Sony Trinitron TV monitor Flexible bronchoscope.
  • New ear microscope with beam splitter facility.
  • Set of sinus Endoscopy instruments.
  • Computer with printer and scopy doc software for recording.

    Academic activities:
    • Submitted a project to CBM to run a pilot project for assessment of hearing and ear diseases in children in a community, have completed the field work in association with the community health dept of Wanless hospital Miraj.
    • Preparing a paper titled Retrospective study of Ludwig' s /neck abscess and Role of Tracheostomy in reducing the mortality.
    • Performed Tracheal Stenting successfully in a patient of tracheal stenosis using Montgomery T tube.
    • Arranged a Workshop on Head Neck Surgery & Oncology at Wanless Hospital in association with the AO1 & Association Of Head Neck oncology .National and international faculty had participated in this 3 day workshop.
    • Arranged a live Surgical Otology workshop at Wanless Hospital Miraj.
    • Participation in various ENT camps.

Doctors of ENT Department
Dr. Shital Chougule
Dr. Shailesh Irali
Dr. Vivek Gosavi
Dr. Sachin Pujari
Audiologist and speech therapist - Mrs. Seema Gorde

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