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The Dept. of Pharmacy is under Dy. Medical Supndt. As Administrative HOD and is guided by a Pharmacy Core Committee, which comprises of all the Administrator from Managing committee. The committee meets every three months and formulates the guidelines for the Dept. and takes up preview of its financial performance
The Dept. of Pharmacy is centrally located at the entrance of the Hospital and is accessible to out patients as well as In door patients. Services of this Dept. are available to the patients for 24 hours a day. There is also a separate Pharmacy at MINS to cater to the requirements of the patients at Neurology Department. Where the services are available during OPD hours
Main Pharmacy has two services units i.e. one retail counter where Medicines are dispensed to the patients across the counter to patients and Ward supplies are given out to Indoor patients. There are about 2500 drugs from proprietary medicines which are routinely used by the clinicians of various specialities for the patients under their care. This counter is open for 24 hours and is crucial for patients in various ICU’s
Second section is Dispensary unit which mainly caters to the patients from Dermatology, Pediatrics, Cardiology, CTS and Orthopedic Departments. The Drugs dispense from here are of non proprietary nature and are not available in the Local Market but are required to be compounded and dispense to individual patients needs. This is the only such facility available in State and many of the surrounding Clinicians avail of the services which are exclusive to this unit. This is manned by one Senior Pharmacist and the services are available during OPD hours
There are 16 qualified and registered Pharmacist working in the Department, amongst whom 6 are senior Pharmacists


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