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The name of department is Sanitation, Grounds and Security which is abbreviated as S.G.S Department. At present our department is functioning from the old building of Maternity Ward. Broadly our work can be divided into following major sequence.
A) Sanitation:-
1) Disposals
2) Garbage
3) Bio-Medical Waste
A) Grounds:- 1) Gardening
B) Security:- ( West Campus )

The each above work can be described in nutshell as follow.

The task of sanitation depends on the over all infra structure of the buildings and its system of waste management. The major work undertaken is keeping cleanliness and maintains hygienic conditions in the East and west campus and outside residential areas. Accordingly, the jobs of removing the garbage in the hospital campus and residential zone are undertaken on the priority levels. This waste contains grass, bushes, plants and trees and its leaves. The second important work is of maintenance of drainage lines and its disposal waste in the hospital campus. These works are undertaken so as to keep healthy environment in the hospital premises and to implement the infection control programs regularly.

There is proper system for disposing the garbage for which the hired vehicles are put in to use regularly. The collected garbage and domestic waste is collected in the cement dust bins and carried out properly to Central Garbage Depot of Municipal Corporation. For Rodent control the preventive work the contract has been awarded to Pest Terminators, Pune.

The systematic arrangement is followed in the hospital to collect the biomedical waste and its segregation is done by our department as the guidelines of the Pollution Control Board, a regulatory organization of State Govt. The Bio-Medical waste contains waste from the patient areas, unclaimed dead bodies, gangrene specimens, infected blood bags and test tubes, RIA tubes etc. There exist efficient and scientific waste management in the hospital which has helped in fetching income to the Hospital. There exists a Incinator plant for disposal of Bio-Medical waste in the Hospital campus.
As part of infection Control program the required insecticides are spread in the Hospital campus and all four residential zones with the help of Fogging machine and hand pumps. Also we take care of cleanliness of latrine and Bath-Rooms, open corridors of Hostels, Fletcher Hall and many residential areas which is commonly used by hospital staffs and students and Guests/ visitors.

The total area of the hospital is of 47 acres which contains hospital main buildings, ancillary buildings, roads and two residential zones. The two outside residential campus are also being looked up by us. There are huge of empty space which is used as play grounds and multi purpose occasions. This empty space or grounds requires regular maintenance and cleanliness since its multi purpose use at different seasons for hospital’s different occasions like Youth Rally, Hospital graduation, Christmas Sports, Funfare, and many other yearly events and Religious functions and programs.

It is essential that Hospital should develop and maintain the good environment around the surrounding areas and hence we have developed 9 big and small gardens in the immediate vicinity of the Hospital buildings which ultimately increases the beauty of the buildings and premises.

The area of the Hospital is huge and so it requires security services, especially in the west campus residential zone. To avoid mishappening in the campus the security services are provided by our department around the clock.
Our statistics is our strength of our department. Our type of assignment (work) doesn’t have bars and bans. During critical situation and in emergency, our department functions has no limitation of time, we work around the clock. The following statistics is well enough to define the boundaries of responsibilities on the shoulders of our department.

1) No. of permanent manpower in the Department: - 12
2) Annual No. of Requisitions:- 4032
A) For Sanitation:- 1237
B) For Disposals:- 976
C) For Bio-Medical waste:- 958
D) For Garbage disposal:- 72
E) For General work:- 789
3) Bio-Medical waste segregation:/ disposal:- 19720 kgs annually
4) Waste disposal from the out-sourced work

By the Grace of Almighty Lord, constantly there is some advancement in the hospital and accordingly the daily work load of our department increases multi dimensions. To cope up with this increasing work load there is no any increase in the task force of men, bur on the contrary there is constant decline in the manpower. I am proud to say that all the big and small sudden break-downs in the hospital are resolved with the help of our staffs and department. The past history of incidents is the live example for proof.


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