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From early 20th century, Wanless Hospital remains a pioneer in its cancer diagnosis and management. New therapy machines have been added which include a Theratron unit and Brachytherapy. Surgery, Radiation and Chemotherapy are all used in the treatment of cancer. The hospital has the oldest registered blood bank in southern Maharashtra state, and it is the only blood bank in this area doing component separation. The hospital is also a pioneer in the Elisa technique for HIV testing. Many of the Hospital's laboratory services, particularly histopathology, are extended to other hospitals and physicians within a large area.

Two other services offered by hospital which are unique are the Comprehensive Care Centre for Haemophiliacs and the Counseling for HIV/AIDS patients. In both services, patients are taught how to live with their diseases and how to be actively involved in their own health care. Education and Emotional support are major emphasis in these programs,

The department of Community Health has developed model programs of preventive health care, health education and community development in a number of nearby villages as well as in two urban centres. Its contribution to the health and welfare of the surrounding communities is an important part of the total educational program of Wanless Hospital.

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